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Big Data Training
  DURATION   39hrs
  Course Fee   $$2100 + HST
  DELIVERY METHOD   Class Room Or Online Training

Introduction to Hadoop:

  • RDBMS vs Hadoop
  • Ecosystem tour (9 products)
  • Vendor comparison (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon EMR)
  • Hardware Recommendations

HDFS: File System details

  • Heartbeats
  • Rack awareness

Hands-on on Hadoop machine?

  • Introduction to Hadoop FS and Processing Environments UIs
  • How to read and write files
  • Basic Unix commands for Hadoop
  • Hadoop FS shell
  • Hadoop releases practical
  • Hadoop daemons practical?

Hive Warehouse (Introduction to Hive Warehouse and Differentiation between SQL based Datawarehouse and Hive) Level-1 (Basics)

  • Hive Introduction
  • Meta storage and meta store
  • Hive Data types
  • HQL
  • DDL, DML and sub languages of Hive
  • Internal , external and Temp tables in Hive
  • Differentiation between SQL based Data Warehouse and Hive?

Hive Level-2 (Complex)

  • Hive releases
  • Why Hive is not best solution for OLTP
  • OLAP in Hive
  • Partitioning
  • Bucketing
  • Hive Architecture
  • Hue Interface for Hive
  • Complex Use cases in Hive
  • Hive Advanced Assignment
  • Real time scenarios of Hive
  • POC on Pig and Hive , With real time data sets and problem statements

Map Reduce Level-1 (Basics)

  • How Map Reduce works as Processing Framework ?
  • End to End execution flow of Map Reduce job
  • Different tasks in Map Reduce job
  • Why Reducer is optional while Mapper is mandatory?
  • Introduction to Combiner
  • Introduction to Partitioner
  • POC based on Pig, Hive, HDFS, MR

NOSQL Databases and Introduction to HBase Level-1 (Basics)

  • Introduction to NOSQL
  • Why NOSQL if SQL is in market since several years
  • Databases in market based on NOSQL
  • OLTP Solutions with different capabilities
  • Which Nosql based solution is capable to handle specific requirements
  • Examples of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other clients who are using NOSQL based databases
  • HBase Architecture of column families

Map Reduce Advanced and HBase Level-2 (Complex)

  • Introduction to HBase
  • Introduction to other NOSQL based data models
  • Drawbacks of Hadoop
  • Why Hadoop can't work for real time processing
  • HBase table and column family structure
  • HBase versioning concept
  • HBase flexible schema
  • HBase Advanced

Zookeeper and SQOOP

  • Introduction to Zookeeper
  • How Zookeeper helps in Hadoop Ecosystem
  • How to load data from Relational storage in Hadoop
  • Sqoop basics
  • Sqoop practical implementation
  • Sqoop alternative
  • Sqoop connector
  • Quick revision of previous classes to fill the gap in your understanding and correct understandings

Flume , Oozie and YARN

  • How to load data in Hadoop that is coming from web server or other storage without fixed schema
  • How to load unstructured and semi structured data in Hadoop
  • Introduction to Flume

How to load Twitter data in HDFS using Hadoop

  • Introduction to Oozie
  • Hadoop releases
  • ntroduction to YARN
  • Significance of YARN?

Hue, Hadoop Releases comparison, Hadoop Real time scenarios Level-2 (Complex)?

  • Introduction to Hue
  • Real time Hadoop usage
  • Real time cluster introduction
  • Hadoop real time project
  • Real time problems and frequently faced errors with solution

SPARK and Scala Level-1 (Basics)

  • Introduction to Spark
  • Why Spark demand is increasing in market
  • How can we use Spark with Hadoop Eco System
  • Datasets for practice purpose

SPARK and Scala Level-2 (Complex)

  • Spark use cases with real time scenarios
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