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Devops Jenkins Training
  DURATION   20hrs
  Course Fee   $$1200 +HST
  DELIVERY METHOD   Class room or Online training

Devops Training

Pre Request

    You should have some knowledge of intermediate scripting in windows. In addition to that, you should also have some knowledge of basic testing in frameworks like TestNg or JUNIT. If you have knowledge of Maven or Ant, it might be highly beneficial, but this is not a mandatory requirement. It will also be useful if you have some knowledge about the server topologies as well as release management.


1. Introducing Continuous Integration and Jenkins

  • Agile Development

  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

  • DevOps Concepts / Understand Dev Ops Ecosystem

  • Overview History of Jenkins

  • Jenkins State of the Jenkins community / Learn about automatic Source Code Management using GIT and Continuous Integration using Jenkins

  • Requirement

  • Understand, Build and Test Automation: how to build an appropriate delivery pipeline and perform test automation on it

2. Installing and Running Jenkins

  • Running Jenkins from the jar file

  • Installing Jenkins in a servlet container

  • Setup Security

  • Email and Version Contro

  • Master/slave configurations

  • Jenkins Configuration

  • Java

  • Maven

  • Git hub

  • Subversion

  • Athentication

3. Jenkins Plugins

  • Change reporting

  • Code coverage

  • Static Analysis

  • Performance reporting

  • Style checking

  • Manage Plugins

  • Windows as Service

  • Node

4. Jenkins Job

  • Continuous Monitoring using Nagios: integrate Jenkins, Docker and Puppet, and learn about system monitoring using Nagios and its component

  • Creating a job and Configure a job

  • Run a job manually

  • Run a job when source code is checked into version control

  • Run a job on a regular schedule

  • Monitoring External jobs

  • Distributed builds

  • File fingerprint tracking

  • Using Jenkins for non-Java projects

  • Matrix projects

  • Splitting a big job into smaller jobs

5. Advanced Jenkins Jobs

  • Free Style Job

  • Multi Job

  • Maven Job

  • Job Configuration

  • Parameters

  • Node

  • Git hub / Subversion

  • Scheduling

  • Pre-Build

  • Build

  • Post-Build

  • Email Trigger

  • Jenkins with Selenium Grid

  • Jenkins API


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