Fundamentals of Cybersecurity & CompTIA Security+

$ 2,100 + HST

Duration: 39 hours (5 weekends)

Next Batch: July 1st, 2024

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Categories Cyber Security
Are you new to cybersecurity and eager to join this rapidly growing field? With a projected 33% growth by 2030, cybersecurity skills are increasingly vital. Our comprehensive training program covers both Entry-Level Cybersecurity fundamentals and the CompTIA Security+ Certification Course & Training. Designed for beginners, including those in sales seeking to support products and services with cybersecurity knowledge, this course equips you to articulate key concepts, understand basic networking, identify threats, and grasp security infrastructure principles. By completing the program, you’ll be prepared to pass the cybersecurity exam, setting you on a solid path for a successful cybersecurity career.
  • No specific prerequisites are required; the course is designed for individuals with little to no prior cybersecurity knowledge.
  • Basic familiarity with computers and the internet is helpful but not mandatory.
  • A willingness to learn and a strong interest in cybersecurity concepts are beneficial.
Total Duration: 40 Hours

What will you learn?

  • Common Computer Hardware
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Intro to Command Line and Terminal
  • Basic Computing Concepts and Functions
  • Intro to Cybersecurity Careers
  • Cybersecurity Principles and Core Concepts
  • Intro to Basic Networking & Cloud Technologies
  • Common Security Frameworks and Polices
  • Command Line and Terminal
  • Linux Diagnostics and IT Service Delivery
  • Windows Diagnostics
  • Software, Networking, Virtualization & Cloud
  • Computing
  • Server Administration and Management
  • Network Infrastructure and Design
  • Network Security
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Data Security
  • Security Operations 1
  • Cloud Security
  • Threat Modeling and Analysis
  • Threat Hunting
  • Web Application Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Leverage AI technologies
  • Integrate generative AI modules
$ 2,100